Mahadeshwara Temple, Chamundi hills

Sri mahadeshwara Temple (sri markandeya rishi’s ashrama) is situated in Uttanahalli Temple Road in Chamundi Hills. 3 Kalyanis & one small nandi statue is in temple limits.

Best for Meditation & Pranayama. Nice place less human habitat place.


ANIMATIONS – Dream World

Animations is nice great invention, because what human cann’t do it can be shown/done through aminations. For an example we humans cannot create imagenary world like Zootopia & Moana(recent films) without support of these animation. There is no riks taking in making stunts like KUNG FU PANDA ūüėõ

Animations comes after sketching, drawing, painting etc. work. Without animations we cannot express full of our dreams¬†to the world. Because drawing, painting etc. other art works has its own limitations. When we come to animations ther no limits. Whatever you thing, whatever you dream, whatever your thoughts could be it will come to reality through animations, here unlimited of opportunites are there.¬†WE CAN MAKE OUR DREAMS TO REALITY TOUCH…

Ankegowda Book House,

After attending our colleague sister marriage in Pandavapura Village. One of my friend told bout¬†Ankegowda Book House. All of us decided to visit there. When we visited there it was really surprising. It is a mammoth collection of books(ocean of books) but unorganized because he is not having good support(Shortage of Volunteers, he can’t pay for resources & lack of Funds). Many Politicians, VIPs, Guru’s, and common people come & shown interest but it is limited one day or few days¬†interest.

Sri Hari Kode was initially supported him. But he needs more support now. His dream is to build another building, to give all facilities in library. He is felicitated with many awards & rewards. It is also listed in LIMCA BOOKA OF RECORDS.

Contact Info.

Ankegowda Jnana Pratishthana (R)
Pustaka Mane
Srirangapattana – Nagamangala Road
Pandavapura 571434

Phone : +91 9242844934

Beladakuppe Mahadeshwara Temple

One of my best friend Mahadev told me about the temple.  I was excited to see the Temple. We decided to go by bike on Sunday. On Sunday morning I went by train High-speed train to Nanjangud then Mahadev picked me, by bike we started our journey towards temple via Gundlupet route. In this route road conditions are good except few kms. Around 11 am we reached hediyala then moved towards beladakuppe. In my mind I was thinking(imagining) about temple, how could be the temple which is inside the forest.

Finally we came to forest check post which is for the forest entry, entered our name & bike number. In forest we went slowly in search of animals and also in scare of elephants. After passing 5 to 6 kms inside the forest reached to Beladakuppe Mahadeshwara Temple.

Inside temple had dharshan of Lord Mahadeshwara then had laddu prasada. Next to temple one lake is there  many deers & other animals come there to drink water. We saw many deers, which were grazing in nearby forest area. And also saw one sambar, wild pigs & bafoons.

It is very nice, calm and beautiful place for  temple devotees & also for nature lovers.

Helmet Kirikku…

Pillion helmat compulsory has became loot(in karnataka), danda or as we famously say in Kannada Hagalu Darode.. By misusing this rule police looting aam aadmi (ordinary people). Everyone should make voice against this. Police trying to catch without helmet people in extension area itself.

Our government made this as a regular duty to police and they are forgotten their daily duty (catching criminals, chain snatchers’…)

Some police persons making good money from this rule. and another thing I don’t known why these people collecting money from street vendors (it became legal hafta vasuli? Is it govt. told them to collect money from these people?)

I feel guilty by saying this, Once myself paid Rs.200 bribe, regarding expired emission test. Situation made me to pay bribe because I was not in the position to pay Rs.1000 fine for expired emission test ( and another reason is my car was not in good condition it is a seconds car, I need to spend 50k to repair my car)

ELON MUSK… What an Incredible Inspiring Journey…

Elon Reeve Musk is an engineer, inventor and investor. more than everything he is a risk taker and his entrepreneurial journey is highly motivating, inspiring to the young generation.

  • Founder, CEO and CTO of SpaceX,
  • Co-founder, CEO and product architect of Tesla Motors,
  • Chairman of SolarCity,
  • Co-chairman of OpenAI,
  • Co-founder of Zip2, and
  • Co-founder of PayPal.

As of March 2016, he has an estimated net worth of US$13.5 billion, making him the 75th wealthiest person in the US.

Courtesy : Wikipedia, Youtube